Dudgeon Master: Ethos

Status: Ongoing

The Ethos campaign started when Complexity (a cyberpunk space pirates campaign) ended. Our first game was in January 2009. The end is not in sight.


We're playing Dungeons & Dragons, 4th Edition. Even though I occasionally gripe and moan about this or that part of the game, I think it's fun and plan to finish out the campaign using it. I have only laid down one or two house rules.



The World, several centuries after the withdrawal of Mankind to within the walls of his great cities, the Poleis. In Man's absence, the other great races, too, have slowly begun to turn inward, keeping to their own homelands and their own problems. The age of Empires and Adventurers seems over.

The player characters are representatives of several of the unhuman races, sent to Teber-on-the-Hill to meet with Mankind, who are now considering ending their centuries-long isolation.